I was very pleased to see on my recent wanderings around the internet that  Ocado have upped the standard of online grocery shopping with their vegan shop. Everything is clearly laid out and there’s even a vegan alcohol section. Well done Ocado!

Obviously they aren’t the cheapest option in the world (I am more of a Morrisons girl myself) but there is currently £20 off your first order and they deliver to your door. It certainly takes the stress out of umming and ahhing over long ingredient lists and the dubious origins of some of the contents.

(I’ve not been contacted/paid to write this btw, i’m just genuinely into it.)


In other news I’m going to try and recreate Pret Kale Crisps at home because they are becoming a bit of an expensive addiction.

The ingredient list isn’t too long, there’s nothing scary on there and  they should be easily recreated (she says. haha.)

Deactivated nutritional yeast makes an appearance, which is a bit odd as I thought it was deactivated by default (“Deactivated by Default” good band name that. Maybe Emo.)

When i’ve made Kale crisps in the past they’ve always burnt and been inedible so we’ll see what happens.

A few changes have happened to the blog recently, a new layout and a revamped about me page. My lifestyle has changed drastically since B was born as it takes up most of my time looking after him, as well as my 3 needy cats and my job.

I am going to try and post more often if I can. Back soon.



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