“Vegetarians resistance is futile” – Um, no. That looks gross. Also, I don’t eat grass.

I bet whoever gave this advertising campaign the thumbs up for Gourmet Burger Kitchen is kicking themselves. Were they drunk?…or just massively stupid?

I suppose it’s worked in a way because by massively offending vegetarians and vegans it’s got itself into the news/gone viral and everyone’s talking about it.All publicity is good publicity, unless your vegetarian, in which case go somewhere else.

Personally I have never eaten there. It looks to be the sort of place that serves a mushroom on a bun and claims it’s a burger (whilst being massively overpriced.) I can make a decent veggie burger at home without paying £8.95 for the pleasure.

Pretty disgusting in 2016. Bacon/burger fetishists hang your heads in shame.



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