Egg! Like a birds egg!

It’s that crazy time between Christmas and New Year and I’m feeling like I’ve eaten my own weight in both chocolate and Pringles (incidentally, have you tried the Choc Mint Pringles? Two foodstuffs that should never be combined. Horrid.) So it’s time for some healthy, simple and quick food to try to feel a bit normal again.  I’ve written about the hangover fighting properties of eggs before, which at this time of year is also bonus.

In our house eggs are mostly scrambled (a baby favorite) but I thought I’d be brave and try poached eggs. In the past my poached eggs have been a bit hit and miss but I thought I’d give it another go.

Here’s what you will need

Vinegar, salt and some eggs (doh!)

British Lion Eggs in the UK are stamped with a code which tells you what type of egg it is, where it’s from and it’s best before date is.

Please ignore my chipped nail varnish

So looking at my egg and using this website I can tell that it is free range and from Norwich. Pretty cool.

First of all I heated the water to just boiling, added a pinch of salt and a dash of vinegar and then cracked the egg into a shallow bowl. Swirling the water I added the egg slowly into the water…

Hmmm, so far, so murky. I wasn’t holding my breath at this point, as I’ve said before my poached eggs tend to come out a bit er, free form but fingers crossed this time. So I put some toast in the toaster and waited for 4 minutes and…

Woah! It actually looks like a poached egg! Victory is mine! Not actually that difficult at all. I will definitely be poaching more often now.

In other news, it’s New Years Eve and we are attempting a slow cooker fondue for dinner. Expect cheese covered carnage in the next post. Happy New Year everybody.



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