Long time, no post. I’m not dead. Last time I posted I think I was about to give birth which seems like a very long time ago now and a lot has changed!

R was born late 2013 and the chaos started. If anyone asks what gifts they should bring when they visit a new baby make sure you say FOOD. In fact, don’t let anyone in the house unless they are carrying something easy to grab out of the fridge one-handed at 5am. It is very hard to cook with a newborn and we lived mainly off Frosted Fancies and Aero for the first 6 months. Oh and my partners mums Macaroni and Cheese which is amazing.

So yeah, not much cooking has been going on. This needs to change. Especially as R is now 1 and well into eating solids and often has a better diet than me. He loves food but is getting fussier as he gets older. His favorite is currently blueberries.

In January we decided to move to a new house with a very small kitchen (and a one month old. Argh!)

…..I’m not joking

This isn’t our actual kitchen. If it was it would have unwashed dishes everywhere and a lovely selection of recycling/bins in shot so this is someone else on our streets kitchen, but it looks pretty much the same. It’s quite hard to cook in here (excuses, excuses) and everything requires planning as there is little chopping space and no room to put pots/pans stuff on the work surface once it comes out of the oven – but it is doable. You can’t fit two people in it though!

Something else that happened In 2014 is that I had a lot of hair colours – here’s a selection:


There was a green in there somewhere too but can’t find a good picture of that! At the moment it’s a dark navy blue. Not sure where it’s going to go from here.

2014 also involved a lot of coffee.

So 2015 looms and I guess it’s time to stop making excuses and start blogging again. Which means to dust off those cook books and start cooking again, which in turn can only mean I get healthier (which is good news as that Aero, caffiene and lack of sleep has taken its toll and then some.) Finding the time may prove to be a bit difficult but I’ll give it a good go.

Merry Christmas everybody.

PS: Oh ok, here’s our actual kitchen



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