Keep On Keeping On


Times are currently quite harsh (great way to start a blog post I know, but keep reading…) I’ve been ill for pretty much A MONTH (with what we have lovingly termed “The Bish”) with no appetite. I also have no money (yay) so have been cooking in bulk and not really following any recipes.

Cooking in bulk is a good idea when there isn’t much in the cupboards, you have no time to make something complicated and you really don’t want to be lured in by an overpriced sandwich at lunchtime. The downside is you have to eat the same thing for about a week so you better make something nice otherwise it’s an endurance test. Bad times.

Currently I have some form of noodle soup with some of protein on the go. No recipe really. Onions and garlic, stock, some forlorn veg from the back of the fridge, some less forlorn veg from the freezer, noodles, soy sauce, ginger, splash of chilli and garlic sauce. First time out and about it looked like this:

tofu soupJPG
A dark photo of a mainly brown meal. I’m a great photographer.

It’s now on meal 4 and it looks like this, a bit less brown and a bit more appetising.

That’s better…

This is being alternated with burritos which are filled with rice, (forlorn) veg, cheese and the Mexican Chilli Gravy from Hot Damn and Hell Yeah , which is a great book as most of the recipes don’t use that many ingredients and they all taste great. This gravy tastes as good as any shop bought cooking sauce and can be knocked up in no time. Don’t have the recipe to hand but the books only £3.74 so y’know…

I am going to go back to real cooking soon and stop whingeing about being broke, the Butternut Squash Alfredo from the PPK is on the list for Friday. I am looking forward to eating something that isn’t mainly brown or served in a tortilla, hurray!


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  1. Penniless Veggie says:

    Ugh, me too! A fortnight of flu (though gladly not a whole month) really put me out. I’m over it now, but it felt like it just wouldn’t go away. I need to know what the mystery book that contains Mexican Chilli Gravy is – you missed it out.. 😉

    1. loveonice says:

      There’s some nasty viruses flying round, it floored me the THIRD time I got it. Ugh. Felt like I should be paint a cross on my front door or something. The books is Hot Damn and Hell Yeah, it should be there now, WordPress was having a funny five minutes 🙂

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