Broadbean, Mint and Cottage Cheese Fritters


Things are still mad here. The weekend is lost to a blur of tapas, pizza and alcohol, which isn’t great I know but I haven’t really spent much time at home. My sister was visiting from Scotland and we went to Chester very early on Saturday morning to pick up my wedding ring and then to my mum’s birthday barbecue with a surprise appearance by a gazebo (and lots of burgers!)

One of these broad beans is from Tesco, the other is from Able and Cole. Hmm..

In my veg box this week there was a glut of broad beans and I had an idea of making this recipe for broad bean hummus with lemon and mint. As usual, I wasn’t really paying attention to quantities and just shelling until I got bored. Then I added some mint from the garden, lemon juice and olive oil and blended. Then I tasted it.

Woah, hang on there. Something’s not right…

Yes, that’s right. I forgot to COOK THE BROAD BEANS before I blended!  DOH. My brain is not quite where it should be at the moment.

So, my choices. Throw it away (no), pretend I’ve gone all raw vegan and try to style it out (nothing against it, but no), or try to save the rather bitter tasting uncooked situation. Opting for the latter I found half a carton of cottage cheese with onions and chives in the fridge and decided to bung it in, then I added a handful of grated smoked Red Leicester cheese. Finally, enough flour to form a stiffish mixture went in and then some salt and parsley. Then I heated up a griddle pan, grabbed a handful of the mixture and flattened it into a circle and put it in the pan and hoped for the best.

Fingers crossed!

Actually, these were very nice for an accident. They were actually an accident I’d make on purpose in the future. Warm and gooey but with the mint the broad bean flavours still there…and I’ve got 8 of them! Hurrah.

Ta da!

Which means I won’t have to buy my lunch tomorrow, which is a good thing as I also forgot to take in a can opener with me when I bought this in for lunch yesterday.

Amy’s Kitchen Split Pea Soup

DOH. It seems my brain is on holiday.

The 0g fat lured me in, I’m not entirely sure how anything can have no fat whatsoever in it but I’ll believe them. The ingredients are all real, recognisable foods and it tasted surprisingly nice considering the fat lack. All tinned soups taste a bit overcooked to me but that’s probably just my taste buds..

Now, let’s see if I manage to make it through the rest of the week with all my limbs. Come back soon brain, I miss you!


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  1. Vicky says:

    ace xx

    1. loveonice says:

      Thanks, always resourceful 😉

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