Having a Jamie Oliver five minutes…

Would you eat this if you were ill? Would you eat this full stop?
(Image courtesy of Notes from a Hospital Bed)

Firstly, I’m glad to hear that Argyll and Bute Council have decided to allow Martha at NeverSeconds to continue to photograph her school dinners and to continue her blog. Take a look, some of those meals are appalling, especially when compared with what is being eaten by children at school in other countries. Well done Finland and Canada for appearing to serve balanced and nutritious food that doesn’t appear to be too expensive. I don’t think it’s that hard to serve good food, even when faced with a small budget. Salad bars and soup stations to me are the common sense way forward as they can be healthy and also have the bonus of helping children gain an interest in what they are eating as they offer a choice. Unlike spooned gloop on a plate with some sweetcorn.

It’s important blogs like this aren’t censored so realistic representations of what we are feeding children at school/people in hospital get out into the world. This is in stark contrast to the glossy promotional images that appear in the media. By censoring these blogs you are making yourself look worse and drawing more attention to your horrible food. Things really need to change.

Also, blogging along the same theme is Notes from a Hospital Bed, take a look at what gets fed to people in hospital. If you are ill, surely you need healthy, nutritious food with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to heal. Overcooked mystery slop or a beige dinner won’t do the job. The food will be doing more harm than good which will surely result in slower recovery times and overall MORE of a burden to the NHS budget as people will be in hospital longer.

I have to be careful of what I say here due to the company I work for (views are obviously my own) but I guess what the overall point of this post is KEEP IT UP GUYS, YOUR BLOGS ARE IMPORTANT AND PEOPLE ARE LISTENING.


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  1. Anne-Marie says:

    When you go into to hospital you don’t necessarily get choice of your first meal. Often its the choice of the person previously in the bed. It doesn’t help if you have food intolerances. I ended up crying (admittedly I was high on legal drugs at the time) as all they had was cheese and I’m intolerant to the stuff. Neil had to go to Subway and my mum made sandwiches for me too. It’s an insult what they try to make people eat in hospital. It is clearly the last thing they value in the whole hospital experience, which is pretty horrendous.

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