Pumpkins and Guess the Vegetable

Our UK week long summer is surely nearly over so I’ve decided to man up, stop lounging around and make the most of it.  Part of this involves watching less television and actually going outside. Woah, steady on there.

In this household, a depressingly large amount of time is spent in front of the goggle-box watching mindless programs (I’m talking Eastenders here, not the American series we actually want to watch) and not enough gets done as a result. So it’s time to try to be productive for a change. We’ll see how long this lasts, I’ll be back on the Hollyoaks Omnibus within a week. You watch…

So far this evening I have done a grocery shop, eaten my dinner in the garden, caramalised some onions for tomorrows dinner, planted my pumpkins (not an euphemism) and I’m about to go to a Zumba class. This is good going for me. I’d usually have my pyjamas on by now. Rock and roll lifestyle eh?

Whilst in the supermarket earlier I spotted a new vegetable lurking in the aisles, cue much googling to try to work out what they are.  Do you know? (I do now.) A Virgin Megastores voucher for whoever gets it right (er…)  and a bonus if you know a recipe involving them!


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