This is my veg, show me yours

Saturday is our weekly shop day and the fridge was very much bare. I am pretty good at throwing together meals out of nothing (I once fed two people on one vegetarian sausage, a potato and half an onion and had leftovers) but by the end of last week I was struggling; a girl can’t get by with a jar of capers and some jerk-seasoning alone. So off to our local behemoth supermarket we go and come back with:

  • baby aubergines
  • long pointy red peppers
  • a plantain
  • a marrow
  • asparagus
  • butternut squash
  • ..and a dudhi.

When roaming the veg aisles you can pretty much bet if I don’t know what it is or haven’t used it before I’ll probably buy it. The squash is lined up for dinner but the plantain and the dudhi are open to suggestions.

The tofu/tempeh is from Unicorn Grocery in Chorlton and the wild garlic is being used for tonights meal. Having taken it out of its packet to be pressed it doesn’t have much of an initial flavour (as is tofu’s way) but has a warm spicy kick afterwards; it will be marinated later.

Unicorn is a good place to pick up interesting things but yesterday the man on the checkout said “Hmmm, four soy products…” as he was scanning my things through. Yes? And? Perhaps it was just a friendly observation and he didn’t mean anything by it, but it felt a bit judgemental. It’s not like I’m off home to eat them all at once and even if I was it’s none of his business. There is nothing wrong with soy in moderation, as with all foods.  If only they sold feminine hygiene products or something really icky like Vagisil I’d go straight back and take them ALL to the counter to be commented on. And a pregnancy test. And some lube…. Get off my back, loser.

I’ll be back later with the aforementioned butternut squash recipe, it’s a good, tasty and simple one that gets requested often.


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  1. misscay says:

    I used to work at the Unicorn back in 2008. Somehow it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that they’d get judgemental over someone buying four different types of soy products. I *did* love their organic wines, ciders, spices and chilli plants though.

  2. loveonice says:

    It makes me sad, they should be glad they are popular considering it is a somewhat niche market not trying to alienate their clientele by being judgemental. Next time i’m going it’s going to be an all out soy fest to the kind of levels I saw in Tesco yesterday where someone was buying 12 bottles of Coke and a bag of lemons. JUST YOU WAIT.

  3. Is soy bad? Did I miss something?

    1. loveonice says:

      There’s links to increased Estrogen levels which potentially causes problems in men and also links to breast cancer, but as usual no ones really sure.

    2. Mrs. U. says:

      Also soy can be a problem for people with thyroid conditions (like me). A vegetarian friend of mine was also just diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I think she was advised by doctor and nutrtionist to eat soy only within three hours of her hormone supplement. Not sure if that’s a real thing or a lot of hooey, but worth checking out if it is a concern.

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