The Lowdown on Pulses and Beans

So let’s start with the basics – there are some things that every vegetarian kitchen needs. These include onions, garlic, a good set of knives (although you might regret this when you end up with a nice lumpy scar after a run in with an aubergine and a breadknife because you couldn’t find the chopping knife), tomatoes and beans/pulses.

Beans and pulses come dried or in tins/cartons. Dried should technically be cheaper as you have to pre soak them for at least 8 hours before using them but these days it’s not always the case, so make sure you check before buying.  I buy the majority of mine in the supermarket as sadly where I live there isn’t any local shops anymore due to the behemoth Tesco Extra down the road. Currently it is cheaper to buy tinned chickpeas in aforementioned Tesco which is madness. Also you may find them in three different places in the supermarket – the cheapest section is likely to be the “ethnic food aisle” where the same amount of lentils is usually a lot cheaper than the same size bag near the posho pine nuts. Have a wander around.  Of course i’m probably already preaching to the converted and you probably know all this already!

Pulses are high in fibre and protein, low in fat and help stabilise blood sugar levels after meals – which is a good thing but I like them because you can cook large portions of healthy tasty meals easily. One day i’ll learn to cook for 2 (or one if James is having a toast day) but that’s a whole other post….


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